Hi I'm R.J.
It's Nice To Meet You


Here are a couple of projects I work on.


A platform for farmers that build and modify their own tools to share their innovations

Open Pipe Kit

Empowering anyone with the ability to send data from sensors to the Internet

Farm OS

Better Farm Management with the the Open Source Farm OS platform

Basic E-Learning Library (BeLL)

Low powered digital sneakernet library that keeps disconnected classrooms connected. Complete with Open Educational Resources for Agriculture!


Fido is a farmer-built electronic tool that can monitor greenhouse temperature, record greenhouse data, and alert the farmer to problems in the greenhouse via cell phone text message.

Apitronics Hive

The Apitronics Hive a User Interface to the things around you. In particular, things that are based around the Apitronics Bee board but other devices can be integrated with the Hive as well. Louis Thiery ran a successful Kickstarter campaing which allowed me to build out this Hive software.

Email me at rj@rjsteinert.com

I hope to hear from you soon!